Are you tired of having to switch between internet browsers? While Google Chrome is undeniably gaining popularity over its competitors like Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer, we cannot deny the fact that most of us still using other browsers for some other reasons. Or at least to us IT Geeks. Probably because we want multiple social network access (e.g. multiple FB accounts), privacy access and what not. Thanks to Google Chrome's Extension. You can now run Firefox and Internet Explorer from within Chrome as Tabs.

Adding Internet Explorer runs almost instantly but Firefox still needs some a little bit of tweaking before you can use it. But instructions are provided at their website.

Basically, we are just going to add Firefox and Internet Explorer as Extensions. To do that, just click your Chrome's Option button >> Settings.

Click Extension. Scroll down and then click More extensions.

For Firefox, search using "firefox tab" as keyword. Add Firefox Gecko extension.

For Internet Explorer use "IE tab" as keyword.

There is also "IE Tab Multi" but haven't tried it yet.

After you have successfully install the Extensions, you will notice two new buttons for each corresponding tabs. To be able to use the tabs, open a new tab from your Chrome and select your preferred button for each tab. You have to assign a tab for each button.

Feel free to post comments. Enjoy the new way of browsing using your Google Chrome. God bless.

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