For more than three years now since I started blogging, it has been a worthwhile experience having to share your thoughts, experiences and ideas for FREE. Most of the time you won't be able to get the favor back by just saying "Thank You" on the comment section. But who cares? All they need is your article. Seldom you know a visitor who would be interested in knowing you for a great articles posted.

But that is not what blogging is all about. It is also about revenues. How you can make money out of it. And one of the proven system that would generate funds for you is Advertising. Although there are a lot of other options but I just would like to elaborate on this specifically the one that recently pays me dearly - Google Adsense. Of course, if you're expecting bigger revenues, this is NOT the thing. But if you wanted something that just need one time setup and just leave it work for itself. Revenue is not that impressive but hey, Adsense pays.

TIP: Just make sure that you always have original content and doesn't do magic with your ads. Unless otherwise you're brave enough to take that risk. Enjoy!

Below is my recent payment from Google Adsense:

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