You probably knew already how to do it but this is for a friend requested to have this posted, to all novice users and also to prove that everything went fine after the upgrade. My Zimbra and Openfire also didn't have any issues after the upgrade.

The instructions here are straightforward. Therefore, I assume that you know a little more than the basics of VMWare. Anyway, you can shoot your comments below if you happen to bump on something. Here we go!

1. Open your RedHat 6.0 VM. Under the CD/DVD device, browse through the iso image if your RedHat 6.4 update installer.

3. Set the device to Connect at power on. Now start your VM and Press F2 during start up to enter setup.

4. Make sure that your VM boots up to your CD/DVD drive first. Save and exit

 5. You should now be able to see the startup screen of your RedHat 6.4 update. Select Install or upgrade and then just follow the proceeding images.

Lastly, you will be prompted to update the boot loader. Do it and proceed with the upgrade.

Technically, my Zimbra and Openfire didn't actualy have issues internally with the VM itself. I am also able to log in to my Zimbra's web mail and admin console but unable to send email. Also noticed my Openfire that while I can access its web admin console, I am unable to log in from my jabber client.

I investigated further and analyzed the logs. I found out that the problem was with my hosts file. My Zimbra and Openfire was having a hard time trying to resolve the domain names. During upgrade, RedHat erases all modifications you did to the hosts file and reset it back to default. I have added back those host names and aliases and boom, everything is now back to normal with the upgraded RedHat 6.4 in place.

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